Welcome to the Buddha Joy
Meditation School
You could attend a Series of in-person weekly classes
held in the greater Los Angeles area

or you could arrange to attend a private or group,
webinar every week.
First – an increased tendency to let things
happen rather than make them happen.
Second – frequent attacks of smiling.
Three – feelings of being connected with others and nature.

Fourth –a tendency to think and act spontaneously
rather than from fears based on past experience.
Fifth – frequent overwhelming episodes of appreciation.
Sixth – an unmistakable ability to enjoy each moment.

Seventh – a loss of ability to worry.
Eighth – a loss of interest in conflict.
Ninth – a loss of interest in interpreting the actions of others.
Tenth – a loss of interest in condemning others.

Eleventh – a loss of interest in condemning self.
Twelfth – gaining the ability to love without expecting anything.
Which could be more convenient for you?
Buddha Joy Meditation School

teaching the path of:
Peace, Resiliancy, Wisdom, Sponaneity, Love and Joy
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Curious about Lama Jigme's teaching style?
Try browsing his
videos, or explore his Meditation quick-start.
In Tibet the monks and lamas {teachers} are NOT supported by
the Monasteries
BUT rather by the
Donations made by their
students and patients
as well as the
Gifts made by
their patrons and benefactors.

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What are the Twelve Symptoms of Awakening upon
Buddha's path of
Bliss, Insight, Peace, Love and Joy?
In the "Satipatana Sutta" Buddha taught that enlightenment could be
accomplished in as little as:
  • seven years,
  • seven months,
  • seven weeks or even
  • seven days.

It's simply a matter of learning Buddha's techniques of
  • bliss,
  • wisdom,
  • peace,
  • love and
  • joy...

and then practicing them.